How to Add Guest Posting In Blogger Blog

How to Add Guest Posting In Blogger Blog

How to Add Guest Posting In Blogger Blog

Your BlogSpot blog, commonly called a Blogger blog, is a business marketing tool that enables you to share useful information with clients, customers and employees. It takes time to fill your blog with thoughtful, well-written content, but without a steady stream of posts, blog visitors may stop reading. If you don't have the time to write every post yourself, enable guest posting on your Blogger blog. By default, no one can post to a Blogger blog except for its administrators. To allow guests to write on your blog, send an email invitation to potential posters via the Blogger dashboard.

How to Import Blogger Posts to Wordpress : Quick and Easy Way

BlogSpot is a good platform to start blogging with but when you are looking to make a name or career in the field of blogging, WordPress is the best choice for your blogging platform. One of the most common reason you might be stuck with BlogSpot is because you don’t know how you can move to WordPress. I have shared a complete WordPress guide and here are videos which will help you to learn everything about WordPress.
Once you are accustomed with WordPress (Which is easy), next task is to move your BlogSpot blog  to WordPress. Now if you have a new BlogSpot blog with few posts and daily traffic less than 25-30, you really don’t need to worry about making it a search engine friendly migration. You can simply import your BlogSpot blog posts to WordPress, delete your BlogSpot blog and start blogging on WordPress platform.  This simple guide will help you with the import of all Posts, comments and users from your Blogger blog to WordPress.
Many of users who move from BlogSpot to wordpress, they prefer to migrate their blogspot posts to wordpress. The process of migrating your posts, comments and users are easy. WordPress offer inbuilt Blogger migration tool to import everything to WordPress from BlogSpot and we will look into it.
By using blogger export and wordpress import feature you can easily import your posts from BlogSpot to WordPress.

Top 10 Compatible WordPress Themes For EasyDigitalDownloads

If you want to launch a digital download store on WordPress platform, EasyDigitalDownloads plugin (EDD) is the best solution.
EDD is the most popular solution for selling digital products or services. The highly customizable plugin comes with powerful features like adjustable product details, multiple payment options, detailed reports and more than 190 extensions.
If you want to create an online store for selling digital items, EDD should be your first choice. However, you will also need a EDD compatible WordPress theme (unless you are getting a custom theme). While most e-commerce themes claim to be EDD compatible, they don’t offer specialized support for the robust plugin.
That’s why I have decided to create a list of WordPress themes which is compatible with EasyDigitalDownloads plugin. I wanted to make a list which will work as a go-to list for anyone looking for premium WordPress themes with complete EDD integration.

How to Generate Youtube Video Thumbnail Automatically in WordPress

Getting Started with Video Thumbnails plugin:

In order to add video thumbnails, we will use the Video Thumbnails plugin. You can download this excellent, free plugin from WordPress plugin repository.
Once you have installed and activated the plugin, it will create a new submenu titled ‘Video Thumbnails’ under the ‘Settings’ menu.
Setting up Video Thumbnails
Go to Settings > Video Thumbnails to setup the plugin options. You will be taken to a screen like the following –
Video Thumbnails
As you can see, the settings page is divided into several tabs. ‘General’, the first tab includes the basic options. By default, the first two options will be checked. Among them, ‘Save Thumbnails to Media Library’ will save a copy of the video thumbnail in your server.
The next one will automatically set the thumbnail as the featured image for that post. However, if you have already selected a featured image, that will not be changed by the plugin.
Then, in the ‘Post Types’ field, you can select for which post types you want to enable the video thumbnails. After making the necessary changes, click ‘Save Changes’.
The ‘Providers’ tab lets you configure various options if you are using videos from other sources like Vimeo, Tufou or Google Drive. Since we are concentrating only on YouTube videos, we can skip this tab.
Next, the ‘Mass Actions’ tab has two advanced options. ‘Scan All Posts’ will scan all the published posts and add video thumbnails where applicable. ‘Clear all Video Thumbnails’ will delete all the existing video thumbnails created by the plugin.
Video Thumbnails
The ‘Debugging’ tab lets you run some basic tests to make sure that the plugin is working properly. And lastly, the ‘Support’ tab includes solution to some common problems.

How to add Video Thumbnail in WordPress:

Now that you have gone through the configuration process, let’s see how to add video thumbnails to a post.
For this purpose, you can create a new post or edit an existing post. In the post editor, you will notice a new metabox titled ‘Video Thumbnail’.
Video Thumbnails
Since I don’t have any video in the post, the meta box couldn’t find any thumbnail for the post. Now, find out the video you want to include and copy the video URL.
Then, get back to the post editor and paste the URL where you want to display the video. WordPress will automatically convert the URL into an embedded video player.
Click ‘Update’. In the next screen, you will see that the plugin has automatically created a video thumbnail and also set the thumbnail as the featured image (if you didn’t set a featured image manually).
Video Thumbnails
If you have checked the relevant option in the settings section, the video thumbnail will also be saved in the media library. You can use the thumbnail for promoting the post or other activities.
Video Thumbnails
Final Remarks
The Video Thumbnails plugin lets you save some time by creating the thumbnails automatically. If the plugin was not available, you had to open each video, take screenshots, edit them and finally upload them to your website. That is a long, tedious and unproductive way for smart shouters like you.
Let me know your thoughts about the plugin. If you are already using it, don’t forget to share your experience with us. And if you are using any other plugin for creating video thumbnails, let me know the name too.

Hidden Processes Slowing Down your Computer? How To Stop Hidden Processes

Hidden Processes Slowing Down your Computer? How To Stop Hidden Processes

Hidden computer processes can slowdown the speed of any computer system. If your computer is full with unnecessary applications or tools then it can affect the performance of your computer. Some applications run automatically in the background of the computer by fetching valuable resources of the computer. We know that a computer program is a set of command and instructions, and if any process is running in thebackground of the computer then it require the resources of the CPU (Central Processing Unit).


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